about us

January 3rd, 2014, 6am.


I’ll never forget that moment - the moment I got a positive pregnancy test with our first child.  I was 4 weeks pregnant and excitedly woke up my husband. "We're pregnant! We’re having a baby!" I was so excited and in partial disbelief (it worked!?); he smiled and hugged me.


We talked about how crazy and beautiful it was that I was growing a real human being, his child, my child, OUR child inside me - and that the whole process we heard about for years actually worked!  I had envisioned an easy and uneventful pregnancy, a perfectly round belly, cute pregnancy outfits, a vibrant mommy glow and so on.  I would be the new-era mom, one who stayed fit AND sexy, stuck with my Boot Camp schedule, worked confidently up until the day I gave birth with virtually no pain or effort – If you asked me back then, I was gonna be that pregnant lady who was running marathons well into her 3rd trimester!


Then it happened. The quick realization that my pregnancy was actually a series of physical processes that had to take place to manufacture a living, breathing person.


Morning sickness kicked my ass. I gained 10 lbs in the first month - in my ankles. Hair. Just. Everywhere. My face and back broke out in braille and,  to top it off, I smelled like a 16 year old boy who just hit puberty.


WTF?!?! This wasn't part of the script. The beautiful vision I had of what pregnancy would be like was quickly shattered by the reality.


How are women going through all of this and I haven't heard anyone complain?  Then I realized they didn't have the right resources in today's technological world. Because of my professional background in the tech scene I quickly came to the conclusion I could fix this problem, or at the very least, attempt to give us a voice.


My second pregnancy really became the catalyst. It got so crazy for me during both of my pregnancies (a year apart) that I had to find humor in such an overwhelming time in my life to maintain some sanity. Chasing a 1 year old around while having a huge growing belly was hilarious... As well as ridiculous... I needed a way to express what the heck was happening to me and to my friends who were also having kids around the same time, and to those that didn't that were as clueless as I once was.


So while riding the rollercoaster of hormonal dips and dives post second successful childbirth, I scooted off of my sofa, grabbed tightly onto the handle bars of my walker (oh, did I forget to mention the Lt. Dan-level Pubic Separation during my second pregnancy? Hmmm, needed an emoji for that too), stood tall and proclaimed to my hubby that it was time. Finally, Bundle of EmoJoy™ was born. A fun, but real, set of emojis that tell my story, OUR story.


My hope is we can take all these crazy situations and make it just a little bit easier for you to express what you’re truly going through – the ups, the downs, the pain and the promise that being a mommy brings. My husband and I have been working excitedly on this all the while juggling our own new #babylife. So now we have three children. Two boys and an app. :-)




- Sarah